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Mini Bus Hire

Mini Bus Hire is now avalable from the Scout Group. 

Hire is avalable to not for profit groups ( ie Scout groups, Guide Groups, Community Groups, Schools ) 

Hire is not avalable for individuals / family groups etc... 

We have a 17 Seater Mini Bus avalable for Hire, fully insurered Taxed and MOT'ed - ready for you to hire !

Please use the Contact us Page to get more information on how to Book the Mini Bus.  or email

Below is the Conditions of Use for the Hiring of the Mini Bus. 




On occasions outside groups may ask to use our Group Minibuses. This is acceptable if:

  1. The proposed driver:

  • must be 25 to 70 years of age

  • have had no accidents or convictions within the previous three years

  • have a valid UK driving licence with no more than three endorsements

  • have held a full driving licence for at least two years

  • have no pending driving offences

have the approval of the Mini Bus co-ordinator, on behalf of the Executive Committee


  1. A recommended contribution is made towards the cost of maintaining the minibus.

Booking fee of £40.00 per day plus

Fuel, The Minibus will be kept full, when collected – upon returning the mini bus,

fuel level must be the same as it was collected.

if mileage is over 250 miles per day, then surcharge of 14p per extra mile.

  1. In the event of any accident / damage the group who is hiring the mini bus is liable for all costs inured including fines / penalty’s.

  1. It is illegal for the user to charge individuals travelling in the vehicle a fare

e) Vehicle Condition

* It is the responsibility of the user to check the condition of the vehicle both inside and out before use, to determine any items of damage already sustained

* The Vehicle should be returned in a clean condition

* The user is responsible for checking the fuel, oil etc. which is listed on the Vehicle Log Sheet and should acquaint him/herself with the gear selection mechanism.

  1. Passengers

The maximum number of passengers, including the driver is 17.

  1. Mileage

Before commencing journey the user should check that the mileometer reading and last entry on the log sheet agree. (If a discrepancy has occurred make new entry and report to the Mini bus Co-ordinator). Enter final reading and detail of journey daily on return of vehicle. During the journey, all quantities of fuel and oil should be entered and any remarks about the condition of running of the vehicle made on the log sheet.

g) The Group who wish to use the Mini bus are responsible for organising any permits needed for their group ( i.e. S.19 Permit or S. 22 Permit )